Around the bound?

Life is not static. We spend much of it bounding from place to place and stage to stage all in an effort to progress and grow into the human beings we believe we are. The French Philosopher Jacques Derrida believed that true meaning of language comes from the space between words. It is the connection between these arbitrary symbols that gives rise to thoughts and ideas. The same is true for our bounds. It’s the space around the leaps where stories reside and where the real work of being human happens.

This blog is an exploration of these spaces and how pausing mindfully in the gaps creates meaning. Most of these pauses will take the frame of  short reflections, essays, and  stories that hone in on specific moments in my character’s lives. Pema Chodron in “The Wisdom of No Escape” says we are all crazy, hilarious, neurotic, loving, angry, lost, and enough just as we are. How do we enact our craziness, hilarity, neuroses, anger, need for direction, and wholeness? Look around the bounds to find your answer.


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