Next Steps . . . .

Whale tail


There are an infinite number of paths you can take in this lifetime. Let your life be open and vast like the ocean. While the way may seem unclear, waves create currents that will open up paths in the water. If you let the currents take you on a journey, you will be amazed by the possibilities. Stars reflect on the moonlit water, sprinkling the surface with crystals of hope when the way is murky and you are weary of waiting on the unknown. Have faith! The flame of sunrise will be there when you awaken.


2 thoughts on “Next Steps . . . .

  1. I like this. Sometimes life sort of leads us to believe that things are supposed to end up a certain way according to television sitcoms, love stories, and fairy tales. It throws us for a loop when it suddenly doesn’t turn out that way. Makes us think we failed. This puts it back in perspective.

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