Pass on the love

Happy Valentine’s Day 


Today is Valentine’s Day. If my grandmother was here on this earth she would be making a heart shaped meatloaf and dyeing mashed potatoes red to celebrate the day with all of us. Holidays were a time when she would celebrate the beauty of making each day special and making people feel special through small acts of thoughtfulness and kindness.

Today, in honor of my grandmother,  I am issuing a challenge. What if, just for today, you told at least one loved one, one friend, one acquaintance, and one stranger that they are loved? Imagine how that would change the world? Imagine how it would change you?

I’d love to know what you did and what it was like for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day to every person who reads this blog. You are special in ways you do not even realize. You are loved for all of the small things you do every day that bring joy to this world. I offer loving light and kindness to you.



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