Farmer’s Song

A loving tribute written by Jama Vogt.  Reblogged with the author’s permission. Check it out.

Farmer’s Song
By:  Jama Vogt
Rise early,
Before the interruptions of the world awake to join you.
Take in the silence.
Breathe it into your lungs.
Let it seep into your veins,
Feel the blood of those who knew this before you.
Don’t walk past the window; join in its company.
Pause to look at the glow of the moon as it smiles at you,
Before the sun has had time to say “Good morning.”
The earth is calling your name.
The rich soil waits for your calloused hands,
To be soothed,
Reach deep into the ground,
Accept the coolness and welcome Nature as it holds your hand.
Grip the roots of your labor.
Brush against the dew kissed leaves.
Notice your fruits before you gather them.
Count each one.
Stare at the shiny exterior.
Press the sweetness to your nose and inhale its gift.
Choose carefully, some may not be ready.
Don’t forget to pause along the way back,
For deer tracks,
A sign that life is wild, free, and full of unexpected moments.
Stop in front of the barn,
The sturdy structure that has withstood time, weather,
It reminds us of our strength, our family, our bond,
Splintered, but still standing.

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