Pebble Number Thirty One: A drop in the bucket of words

January 31, 2014

The final pebble is a drop in the bucket of words. It is the noun in the prepositional phrase that provides a foundation.  It is no where near the end of the journey. It is simply a celebration that says I made it. Despite fatigue, grief, and the madness of everyday life I showed up and managed to write every day for thirty one days in a row.  A month of writing is a gift that says I can when all of the fears of “what if” shiver in the wake of possibilities.

Thank you to those of you who read my month of ramblings. You have offered me a fantastic gift. I honor the light in all of you.

For anyone who’s wondering if you can. The answer is YES! You are already more beautiful than you can ever imagine. The world is simply waiting for you to wake up and see what is possible when you allow yourself to BE.


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