Pebble Number Nineteen: Routine and the aching soul

January 19, 2014

The simplicity of routine can soothe the aching soul by letting small acts performed with intention bring order and peace. This morning I savored a breakfast of new beginnings –roasted bananas over waffles with a side of blood oranges that remind me of past travels, the sweet tang of present adventure, and the importance of creating new memories.

After eating I set off into the woods to meditate on moving forward. The wind whipped and swirled around my face, stealing my breath half a dozen times.  Each step was a blessing. My precious bluebird few across my path as I started on the journey, his red breast flaring in the sun. Down the bend a family of deer huddled together among the gray branches, using the thistle and rush as camouflage. We locked eyes for several moments before they flitted away, white tails bobbing along the field.

On the way home a group of red-tailed hawks swooped down only to rise again, circling in the eddies of air that thrust them towards the ice filled clouds. One hovered overhead, red feathers spread wide against the shadow of black wings that beat effortlessly in the frigid silence. Death is a necessary step in the cycle of existence. At times the sorrow of parting weighs down the soul, but it does not mean we should stand still, blind to the gifts  around us. Instead, it reminds us to peer deeper into the woods and see life happen, relishing the sweetness of signs and the crunch of leaves as we take one step and then another.


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