Pebbles along the path


Welcome to 2014

It’s the beginning of a new year – a time to reflect on all of the choices you made or chose not to make that have led you to this very moment. It’s a time to set goals, make determinations, and feel your toes dig deeply in the earth beneath your feet. For me this starts with a period of creating intentions. A friend of mine sent me an link to the blog Writing Our Way Home, which challenges writers to take time every day during the month of January to deeply pay attention to one thing and to write about it for at least five minutes. Each of these moments becomes a small stone along the path of your writing life.

This post is dedicated to my small stones, or shall we say pebbles along the path, as I take time each day to sit mindfully, observe, and record one small moment and then another. If you are interested in starting this practice yourself, check out the Writing Our Way Home site, then grab a notebook and pen, and record a moment in your day.

Let the pen do the talking and savor what you discover, knowing that whatever arises is what you need to hear and to share with the world.  

I would love to walk with you as you revel in the world of language and collect your pebbles on the path. Feel free to add your pebbles to this blog. Together we make the world more vivid.  Seeing this for the first time after January 1st? No problem. That’s the great thing about starting a practice. There’s no time like the present. 

The purpose of this post is to offer a nonjudgmental space for the written word. It’s about process rather than product, which is my small gift to myself and hopefully to all of the other writers out there who struggle with finding their voice and silencing the internal editor which only cares about “good enough” “results” and “being cool”. As a result, the pieces listed here are minimally edited. Are they the best or the worst I have to offer? The answer is simple.

It doesn’t matter.


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