Pebble Number Four: Connection

holding-hands-black-and-white       January 4, 2014

There is a delicious warmth in being held –the deep pressure of hands connecting, offering their energy and support. I revel in the joy of being blanketed in human connection. The weight of “I’ve got you” is unspoken, yet palpable. How many times do we allow ourselves to be held by another? How many times do we let a friend have our back, a lover accept us completely, a co-worker or even a stranger offer a compliment without having to return the favor, without owing anything? In order to be held, you have to let go and give in completely to the gift of another’s presence. There is a tremendous reward in this kind of release if we allow it to be so.


2 thoughts on “Pebble Number Four: Connection

  1. Each of your entries has such vivid imagery that I forgot I was sitting at my computer for a moment. You are a strong writer. I’m so proud of you for doing this and for being able to capture such significance in the moments we often miss or sometimes take for granted. I believe this one is my favorite, though. It is so important we accept love in its simplest form. Thank you for reminding me of this.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful feedback. I am currently meditating deeply on the importance of love and especially self-love. What I’m learning is that we can’t receive from others what we don’t give to ourselves. Namaste. 🙂

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